June 25, 2022

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Freemasonry from a Latin American perspective

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Juan manuel santos

Freemasonry in Colombia and Latin America

Freemasonry is one of the main tentacles of a “gigantic octopus”, whose head is an “unmentionable religion”. Its main objective is to infiltrate countries in order to divide, confront, and atomize them, with the ultimate goal of subjugating them to the “GLOBAL ENSLAVING POWER” also called: “NEW WORLD ORDER”.

Although its existence is almost unknown and those who have heard of Freemasons could hardly explain what they are and what they do, Freemasonry has been present in the world’s power circles for three centuries.

To get an idea of the MASONIC infiltration of countries, let us take the example of Colombia, where “thirty-two Colombian presidents have been Freemasons”!!!!.

Although Masons are rarely mentioned or speak on any subject, the history of Freemasonry in Colombia, as in most countries in the world, has been deeply linked to the history of the country.

Simón Bolívar, Francisco de Paula Santander, Antonio Nariño, Rafael Urdaneta, Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera, José Hilario López, José María Obando, José María Melo, Manuel Murillo Toro, Eduardo Santos, Darío Echandía, Alberto Lleras Camargo and Germán Zea Hernández were Masons.

Other influential Masons included Luis Cano, one of the founders of El Espectador, General Benjamín Herrera, writers Luis Eduardo Nieto Caballero and Enrique Santos Montejo (Calibán) and businessman Leo Kopp.

Well-known politicians, most of them liberals, such as Fernando Botero Zea, David Turbay, Eduardo Mestre, Jorge Mario Eastman, Alberto Santofimio, Ricaurte Lozada, Jorge Valencia Jaramillo and Carlos Ardila Ballesteros; the former governor of Cundinamarca Jaime Posada; the former president of Ecopetrol Luis Bernardo Flórez; the lawyer Antonio José Cancino; the former commander of the Armed Forces General Camilo Zúñiga Chaparro; men of letters such as Germán Arciniegas; businessmen such as Julio Andrés Camacho and Eduardo López Obregón; the rector of the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Evaristo Obregón; the former rector of the Universidad de los Andes Mario Latorre; artists such as the painter Armando Villegas; an important number of magistrates of the different courts, such as Manuel Urueta and Carlos Orjuela Góngora, and several notaries.


Despite all the well-known names on the list of its members and its importance in the world’s spheres of power, Freemasonry remains an enigma in the world.

Even those who have heard of it or know some of its members know very little about what Freemasons are, what they think, what they do, what they seek and how they act.

Countless myths and stories have been woven around them. This is mainly due to the fact that Freemasonry has been considered a “secret society” for almost three centuries of its existence.

This denomination is not gratuitous, since from its birth in England, its founders gave it this particular stamp. In one of the documents in which the foundations of Freemasonry are to be found, the Ancient Boundaries or Landmarks, it is stated that “Freemasonry is a secret society”.

The book “Freemasonry and Humanism”, published in Colombia in 1985, states that “the inviolable secrecy of all that they have seen, heard or discovered in it is demanded of all its members.

Moreover, it is a society in which there is a certain amount of knowledge which is communicated only to those who have undergone an established form of initiation, the form itself being occult and mysterious”.

This is why Freemasons prefer to keep their membership secret and proceed with great reserve in their affairs.

However, thanks to a brave few, information about Freemasonry has leaked out. Thanks to them, we know that – in France alone, at the beginning of the present decade, 54,000 degrees in the Order – (Freemasons) had been registered.

Other Masonic secrets, which have been discovered and exposed by the “profane” (as they call non-Masons), are their symbols. In the past, their symbols used to appear unnoticed before the eyes of millions of people. This is no longer the case, because more and more people know and identify its symbology.

We now know that Freemasonry is neither a religion, nor a political party, nor an ideology. It is also known that Freemasons are grouped in “lodges” and their three fundamental degrees are “apprentice, companion and master”.

Their aim is always to infiltrate “ALL AREAS OF SOCIETY” (starting with the infiltration of intermediate state and private institutions). From there they collaborate secretly, coordinated and eagerly for the conquest of the “POWER IN THE WORLD”, the “TOTAL CONTROL”, called “NEW WORLD ORDER”.

Many times they create their own Institutions. Examples are: Rotary Club, Club de Leones or Lions Club, Boy Scouts, International Red Cross, Green Peace, etc.

The reality of this secret society is murky. Freemasonry is such a nefarious “multinational” that it can be compared, according to the historian Fabio Zambrano, with the “Socialist International” or the Jesuits.

Today we also know that they have a special credential that identifies them as “MASONS”. This credential operates as a “PASSPORT OF PRIVILEGE”, with which they have access to everything they can think of in the world.

Freemasons are present all over the world: in Islamic territories like Egypt, in monarchies like the United Kingdom, in communist regimes like Cuba, in African countries like Togo or Senegal and in democracies like the United States, where Freemasons are legion. It is estimated that more than nine million Americans are Freemasons.

In Latin America they are numerous in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. However, for some initiates, the country with the most important and developed Freemasonry is Chile. In Colombia there are an estimated 3000 Freemasons.

The foundations and principles of the “MASONIC ORDER” are the same everywhere on the planet. However, Freemasonry, as an institution, is an organisation that in each place where it is present, adopts different modalities, according to the characteristics of the country in which it develops (this is fundamental to be able to infiltrate countries).

In the United States “eight MASONS have reached the position of President of the Nation in the White House, among them “George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan”.

This is a translation of the following article: https://t.me/Medicosporlaverdad/37693

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