28 de mayo de 2024

Gab censors too

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Gab censors too

Having been disappointed with Twitter due to the high level of censorship it suffers from, I decided to look for an alternative, something like an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short, so-called messages.

After searching for an alternative to Twitter, I came across Gab, a clean network, leaders in free speech, free of censorship, as claimed by its creator and many of its users. I made my account on Gab and the first few days I found it hard to adapt to this new social network because in terms of functionality it will never surpass the evil Twitter. I thought that Gab only suffered from initial problems that would be solved with time and I wanted to forget the mishaps and inferiority of Gab to concentrate on sharing articles and libertarian news that I found on the network.

I never thought I would be censored since like most Gab users I was sharing conservative and libertarian news always refraining from posting anything that could be considered vulgar, false or extreme, when after several months of sharing articles on this network, I realize that nobody responded to my messages, nobody followed me and it seemed that my account was isolated or almost dead, there was no activity and nobody followed me or commented on the articles I shared.

My account was practically “Shadow banned”, a practice as dirty as the one used on networks like Twitter. I could read what others shared but what I posted was not seen by anyone.

It was disappointing to learn that Gab, a network that always presents itself as free speech and honest, was using the same dirty tactics as its rivals.

This is why I urge everyone who wants to open an account on Gab not to waste their time. The functionality of this network is inferior to Twitter and it is just as much an enemy of free speech as Twitter. There are no good alternatives at the moment and one can only hope that someone has the intelligence and ability to create a social network that truly supports and promotes the truth.

Let us strive to seek and share the truth as it will set us free as long as we seek and spread it immediately. Truth guarantees us freedom but we are not giving it the value it deserves and time is running out to spread it.

History teaches us that it is not lies that are censored. The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.

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